News Roundup 7/3/17

by | Jul 3, 2017

  • Over 40% of White House staffers earn over $100,000 per year. [Link]
  • Several states are changing gun laws to allow more or fewer freedoms. [Link]
  • A US Court of Appeals threw out the case of two Yemeni families who were suing the US after their two innocent family members were killed in a US drone strike. The court ruled it lacked authority to question the government’s decision making. The families are not seeking money, just an admission that the strike violated international law. [Link]
  • The US is restructuring its missile defense program. [Link]
  • Lt. Gen. Aundre F. Piggee said that the US was not concerned about limiting civilian deaths in Iraq during the 2007 surge. [Link]
  • China demands the US stop the $1.4 billion weapons sale to Taiwan. [Link]
  • In Mali, an al-Qaeda-linked terror group released a video showing six foreign hostages. The narrator in the video wanted to start negotiations for the release of the hostages. [Link]
  • The Afghan government claims to have killed 16 militants. Five of the militants are ISIS fighters, and one was a Taliban district commander. [Link]
  • Over 80% of West Mosul has been destroyed since operations to retake Mosul started. [Link]
  • 440,000 internally displaced Syrian civilians have returned home since the beginning of the year. [Link]
  • The YPG has announced plans to retake territory held by Turkish-backed Syrian rebels. [Link]
  • A car bomb killed eight people in Damascus. [Link]
  • Phil Giraldi argues the US is already at war in Syria. [Link]
  • 1,500 Yemeni have died from Cholera since the most recent outbreak started. [Link]

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