Notes on the SOTU

by | Feb 5, 2019

ha. ss goons looking the part to start. … beware the beginning of feb.

bubble bubble bubble …

… just waiting for the foreign wars parts. …

“foolish wars” – goes to show he knows better at least

that one lady is crazy lookin. she chewing gum or her tongue?

still waiting for the war part. …

starts with bragging about military spending.

recounts demanding nato countries increase their spending too.

now brags about leaving the inf treaty with russia. — oh, democrats not impressed by that?

good on korea. announces new talks.

horrible bragging about so-far failed coup in venezuela.

denounces socialism. if only he really new what that meant and meant it.

“america will never be a socialist country.” dems sit on their hands. sheesh.

oy. “realism.” so moved embassy to jerusalem.

7k dead, 52k wounded, 7 trillion spent in the terror wars.

“great nations do not fight endless wars.”

shit. they didn’t show the dems’ reaction to that.

says isis war in iraq and syria is over.

says working on a real deal with taliban to save face on the way out of afghanistan. sure hope he can stick to it. repeated himself a bit more than on most of these points. maybe that’s meaningful.

killed a uss cole bomber. omits that he’s fighting for aqap right now.

now the iran bullshit: denounces awesome jcpoa, brags about new sanctions, claims they threaten genocide against jews.

then he talks about the recent massacre of jews — where? in iran? no. in pittsburg USA.

(trump is hilarious when he’s trying to be serious.)


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