Looking for a Good Cause?

The problem for (not with) the younger generations is that all the good social causes have been taken and substantially addressed. (Of course, nothing can be perfect.) But hold on: one good cause is left: political-economic individualism. Looking for a good cause to...

Palestine and Israel: What’s It All About?

Current events aside, the fundamental reason to favor the Palestinian cause over the Zionist project is not that the Israelis are Western and the Palestinians are not. That's knee-jerk woke "decolonial" claptrap, which does the Palestinians no favors. There's nothing...

The Least Curious Profession

My friend Isaac Morehouse just posted this: "I think the greatest failing of the bureaucratic cartelized medical machine is its complete destruction of curiosity. How many mainstream medical practitioners are passionately curious? I've not met one. Least curious...


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