Podcast: My Santa Adventure and Peace on Earth

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy Festivus to everyone! I appreciated all the feedback I received from my online critics on what would be the perfect beer for me to toast the holidays. When I worked as a Santa Claus in Boston in 1977, I met a lot of zany characters including a Boss from Hell who would tell me “go out there & look jolly DAMMIT!”  But the most vivid memory is of a mother and daughter who showed me what Christmas was all about.  Thinking of those two helps revive my holiday spirit better than an entire bowl of spiked egg nog.  For the Future of Freedom Foundation

I wrote about my Santa gig for the Wall Street Journal in 2011; here’s a link to a non-paywall version of that piece.

If you enjoy this story, you might get a kick out of my memoir, Public Policy Hooligan.

And here’s a hoot of an artist recreation of my experience by Tom Blanton, mastermind of the Project for a New American Revolution.

My Raging Bitch Christmas by Tom Blanton

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