Power as Property: Inside the Mind of a Politician

by | Oct 27, 2022

The defense of property is a relatively undisputed right of the citizenry. If someone threatens the safety of you or your family, or insinuates a threat by trespassing, breaking and entering, or burglarizing your property most people won’t blink at the use of force in self-defense. But what the citizenry doesn’t understand is that the parasitic political class views power in the same way they view their home.

When one begins to think about political power in this way, and views the actions of the elites the last few years through this lens it changes the way you engage with the discussion.

Trump didn’t win the office of president, he trespassed and occupied the office, threatening the the established order of political elites that are the rightful heirs to power. This left the bureaucratic machine little choice but to cook up charges that this invader was a Russian puppet. They were acting in self-defense.

Sure, BLM and Antifa burnt down cities and nearly destroyed DC while Trump was in office, but they were acting in accordance with the direction of the parasitic class to destabilize the country in order to reclaim their power from the illegitimate president. This was justified self-defense.

And when you begin to view these actions through this scope you begin to realize how absurd the conservative arguments become.

January 6 may have been a minor riot compared to BLM, but it wasn’t sanctioned by the political class. It was an insurrection organized by a rebel force attempting to displace the rightful owners of power, restore nationalism, and escape the grips of globalization.

In this light the actions and words of the political class don’t come across as hypocrisy. No one would argue (no honest person at least) that an invader entering your home unannounced has as much right to the home as you do. The property owner has the explicit right to defend his or her property from the invader(s).

Yesterday I observed several commentators arguing that Hillary Clinton claiming the right was plotting to steal the 2024 election was a hypocritical stance, but what she is arguing is that illegitimate undeserving intruders are displacing the current order, and it’s the fault of deplorable voters (the productive class). These extremists refuse to accept the rightful oligarchs as heirs to the throne of power, and intend to change the direction of the country. They’re a threat to “our democracy,” aka our property. They’re criminals, degenerates, and an invading force that must be stopped by any means necessary. When they get beat into oblivion by leftist activists it is justified because they are NAZIs and white supremacists that believe the government is in service to the citizenry, not vice versa.

The next time you’re tempted to point out hypocrisy, change the framing in your mind, and try to remember that to these parasites power is their property, and they are willing to defend it to the death no matter how much death and destruction it causes in the lives of others.

About Tommy Salmons

Tommy Salmons is the host of Year Zero, a podcast focusing on government abuse of power.

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