Subhuman Monster Michael Fattaleh Is Guilty of Torturing a 7 Year Old Boy

by | Oct 14, 2020

WATCH: ‘He’s Mine Now’: Cop Handcuffs ‘Tortures’ Autistic 7yo Boy for 40 Minutes for Misbehaving

“If you, my friend, are not acquainted with the juvenile justice system, you will be very shortly,” Fattaleh said. “You ever been charged with a crime before? Well you’re fixing to be.”

While holding him down, the officer said, “You ever heard the term babysitter? I take that term literally, my friend.”

After being forced down to the ground in handcuffs for 25 minutes, the boy begins to cry and begs the officer to leave him alone. But the officer does no such thing. Instead, the boy remains face down on the ground as the abusive cop places his knee in the child’s back, according to the lawsuit.

For another 13 minutes, despite school staff telling Fattaleh that the boy was “over stimulated,” the cop, who knew the child had a disability, held him down until the boy’s mother showed up.

The government of course will never hold Michael Fattaleh accountable for his crimes because he is a government employee. Simple as that.

By the way, lady, you put your helpless handicapped child in a government school? What are you, stupid? Do you think this is a free country? Do you think the local sheriffs’ deputy is not an inhuman monster? Do you think he thinks for a minute that he could be held accountable for torturing your son? Then why did you turn your boy over to your enemy in the first place, you dummy?

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