Texas Officer Fired After Shooting Teen in McDonald’s Parking Lot

by | Oct 11, 2022


Imagine the nerve of someone saying “You’ll be safe so long as you do whatever I say. Have a problem? Take it up with my coworkers in 4 months.”  Of course it’s a truism that all interests will align if one party disregards their interest. However with the historical record of government mass murder campaigns, we have no reason to believe blind obedience to the state leads to safety or freedom.

Police officers constantly brag about “protecting and serving”, yet we “civilians” must blindly obey their edicts or get shot. We have no recognized right to give them orders and arrest them if they don’t follow our commands. “Hey officer, just we what we say and no one get’s hurt.” From the other angle we clearly see it as nothing more than some people threatening others.

Who is the servant in this relationship?

Who is really protected?


[Full AP article]

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