The Aircraft Carrier is the Crossbow and Chariot of the Modern Age

by | Apr 29, 2024

uss gerald r ford full ship shock trials

The US Navy, of course, is desperately trying to get authorization to build more Ford-class carriers. Ironic that they name the carrier after a violence broker famous for being rather clumsy and unable to navigate around.

The first of class doesn’t work properly: it cannot reliably launch and retrieve aircraft nor does it have a weapons elevator system that works all the time.

Stop the madness.

Although the Navy wants to achieve and maintain in coming years a fleet of 381 manned battle force ships, including 12 aircraft carriers, force-structure studies done by the Navy that eventually led to the 381-ship goal showed future Navy force structures that included 8 to 12 carriers, to be supplemented (in the case of the lower end of that range) by up to 6 light aircraft carriers (CVLs). The Navy does not currently operate CVLs. The Navy in recent years has experimented with the concept of using an LHA-type amphibious assault ship with an embarked group of F-35B Joint Strike Fighters as a CVL.28.

The most criminal event occurred in 2019 when it was obvious there were serious problems with the Ford design that may be un-fixable. Admirals pressed Congress to fund two more Fords earlier than planned, as though they wanted to get them under construction before Congress and media learned about problems.

Bill Buppert

Bill Buppert

Bill Buppert is the host of Chasing Ghosts: An Irregular Warfare Podcast and a contributor over time to various liberty endeavors. He served in the military for nearly a quarter century and contractor tours after retirement on occasion and was a combat tourist in a number of neo-imperialist shit-pits around the world.

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