The Libertarian Party is Beating the Drums for Peace

by | Jun 27, 2022

For the people turning 21 this fall, America has been at war their entire lives.

The Global War on Terror has reached its second generation of soldiers. Defense spending and the global presence of the U.S. military and armaments continue to proliferate. The Libertarian Party and its Veterans Caucus are fighting to bring this era of U.S. intervention to a close by bringing peace to the forefront of political discussion while providing a mechanism for other disillusioned service members and civilian antiwar activists to stop the wars.

Ron Paul famously received more campaign donations from military members than any other candidate in 2012 by running on the message of ending the wars. Ten years later the U.S. is still entrenched in conflict and members of the LP Vet Caucus are backing Defend the Guard legislation as the way to finally start to end the American empire, which has gained tremendous support from across the Libertarian Party.

The new Libertarian National Committee announced their support in a resolution mirroring the one passed in Texas in April, and North Carolina, Massachusetts, and California have also adopted resolutions backing Defend the Guard since then. The concept is simple and combines key traditional American ideals: the separation and nullification of federal powers. By requiring Congress to make an official declaration of war, states will begin to regain their control of National Guard troops, and finally begin to bring them home.

The Libertarian Party has also begun a “Week of Action” regarding the ongoing conflict in Yemen, urging members of the public to call Congress in support of HJ Res 87. The War Powers Resolution on Yemen is the first major national campaign to stop aiding and funding ongoing genocide in the poorest country in the Middle East. You can voice your support by dialing 1-833-Stop War where you will be connected to your Representative.

Together, veteran, civilian, Libertarian, or otherwise, we can fundamentally change the direction of our country and our world.

About Zach Kincaid

Zach Kincaid is a songwriter and blue collar worker from Northern California.

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