Tulsi Gabbard is Running for President

I’m pretty certain this is a good thing. She knows enough to really fight about it. She’s an Iraq War II vet so hawks can’t call her a wimp. She’s pretty enough to be respectable (Sorry ladies, I’m not trying to be a jerk, but that’s how it is. Warm and grandmotherly like Barbara Jordan is the other option I guess.). And I think Warren and them will have to essentially agree with her rather than turn into Hillary by saying she’s too antiwar.

The problem is she’s still at least wishy washy on the anti-AQ and ISIS fights, as well as on Iran and Palestine. If they make her clarify, it could be for the worse.

A big question is how is she going to handle Trump. If she attacks him for war, he may double down. If she praises him on his (at least attempted) withdrawals, while opposing the rest of his policies, it could make for one hilarious election season.

Man I gotta get back to doing a live three hour show for this time around.

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