Under Biden, Eminent Domain and the Border Wall Continue

by | Apr 15, 2021

The Biden administration has gone back on its word to cease construction of Donald Trump’s border wall and the associated eminent-domain actions for property that stands in the way of that wall. Although candidate Biden promised to stop the wall and end the land-seizure lawsuits, President Biden seems to have forgotten. We know this because a federal judge has ordered a Texas landowner to surrender land at the border.

Reason magazine reports that during the campaign Biden told NPR, “There will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration.” About eminent domain Biden further said, “End, end, end, stop, done, over. Not gonna do it. Withdraw the lawsuits. We’re out.”

Had he kept his word, he would have withdrawn the federal suit and prevented the judge’s ruling.

As a result, the landowner, Baudilia Cavazos, who rents some of his land, will be deprived of anticipated retirement income. He fought with the Trump administration over an earlier attempt to take his land for the wall.

The quick hoped-for improvements over the Trump years, even in matters of immigration, are not happening. Will they ever?

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Sheldon Richman is the executive editor of The Libertarian Institute, senior fellow and chair of the trustees of the Center for a Stateless Society, and a contributing editor at Antiwar.com. He is the former senior editor at the Cato Institute and Institute for Humane Studies, former editor of The Freeman, published by the Foundation for Economic Education, and former vice president at the Future of Freedom Foundation. His latest books are Coming to Palestine and What Social Animals Owe to Each Other.
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