Veterans Groups and Gold Star Families send letters opposing war with Iran

by | May 25, 2019

This letter was coordinated by the American College of National Security and a consortium consisting of retired admirals, generals, ambassadors, and senior government executives committed to strengthening America’s national security by informing the debate, influencing decision-makers, and educating the public.

“A war with Iran, either by choice or miscalculation, would produce dramatic repercussions in an already destabilized Middle East and drag the United States into another armed conflict at immense financial, human, and geopolitical cost.”

WASHINGTON, DC – Nearly two dozen Gold Star families are writing an open letter to Congress, today, urging them to reassert their power to slow the march to war with Iran.  The letter, signed by families who lost loves ones from World War II, all the way up to Iraq and Afghanistan, write Congress that they “are urging you to step up, and make clear that Donald Trump, John Bolton, and other neoconservatives do not have any authorization to wage war with Iran.”

“Many military experts believe a war with Iran would dwarf the casualties we saw in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of American sons and daughters would be lost, like our own family members.”

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