Virginia Pro-gun Demonstrators Reject Extremists, Defend Rights

by | Jan 20, 2020

Even NBC has to admit the masses are not the fringe racist kooks they wish they were.

“But the rally was largely peaceful, with no reported arrests or violence, despite the presence of some extremist groups whose potential participation had been cited as reasons for the firearm ban. …

“Jay Lowe, who was in the crowd on the Capitol grounds, said gun-control supporters were wrong to think that people were safer where firearms were restricted. “So many people are misinformed and think you are safer because you take my guns away,” Lowe, who lives in Chesterfield County, south of Richmond, said. “My guns have never killed anybody. And I carry a lot.”

“Lowe also said he was angry that the rally had been tainted by links to hate groups.

“They are not the right. Conservatives are the right. We are not like those people,” Lowe said. “If there are Nazis here, white supremacists, they are not welcome by me. I do not want them on my side ever.” …

“There were some signs of militia members in the crowd on Monday, but the rally seemed made up largely of ordinary gun-rights supporters, including many sporting shirts and hats proclaiming their support of President Donald Trump. There were chants calling on Northam to resign and shouts calling journalists “fake news.”

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