Weird Idea: Why Can’t CA Illegals Be California, But Not US, Citizens?

by | Jan 10, 2019

Gavin Newsom.  Speak of it.

What if CA Mexican citizens were granted residential recognition, and voting rights, in California, but not federal recognition?

I’m sure there’s some legal nuance.

Still, I can imagine if CA Mexicans have full participation in California’s politics, but are withheld from having rights over outcomes in DC.  Most American commentators would be aghast, but I love the idea of some separation between state and federal matters.

If CA wants to have a foot in both countries: US and Mexico – isn’t that their prerogative as a “state”?

Federal law doesn’t let states mess with federal military bases, etc.  Illegal aliens can’t qualify for federal funds.  But CA could take federal funds and disburse them to Mexican citizens.

I don’t see why we have to be exact or precise about who is a citizen of where.  Overlapping, complex systems are beautiful and effective.

At some point, CA could become more Mexican than US American, but that won’t be any time soon.  So why not a foot in both camps?

My two cents.

About Zack Sorenson

Zachary Sorenson was a captain in the United States Air Force before quitting because of a principled opposition to war. He received a MBA from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan as class valedictorian. He also has a BA in Economics and a BS in Computer Science.

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