Year Zero, Stranger Encounters Ep 41

by | May 23, 2019

In Episode 41 Tommy discusses the reasoning behind the branding change and the direction going forward as Year Zero.

Year Zero is defined as:

  1. the beginning (1975) of the period during which Cambodia was under the control of the KhmerRouge
  2. the beginning of revolutionary change
  3. the beginning of any new system or regime

When Tommy discovered the CIA using a revolutionary term in Vault 7 he knew he’d found the direction he’d been searching for as the podcast evolves.

As Year Zero continues into the future the subject matter will begin to focus more on the intelligence agencies, foreign policy, the police state, the federal reserve, and whistle-blowers or those that have used positions of power to challenge the war state and the growth of the US Government.

Listen to Year Zero Here

About Tommy Salmons

Tommy Salmons is the host of Year Zero, a podcast focusing on government abuse of power.

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