Yemeni Video Journalist Maad al-Zekri Denied US Visa to Attend Pulitzer Ceremony

by | May 29, 2019

Maad al-Zekri, Maggie Michael, and Nariman El-Mofty won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting and the Atlantic Media’s 16th Annual Michael Kelly award for their reporting on the war in Yemen.  The reporters were honored for their heroic work covering the war in Yemen in a ceremony on Thursday May 23.  Maad couldn’t be there because the US denied him a visa but his partners, through modern technology, made sure he was present.   (Thanks as always to Nasser Arrabyee for posting this on twitter.)

Maad al-Zekri it is unfortunate that you were not able to join us today to receive your Pulitzer prizes because your US visa was rejected. An award on Yemen and the only Yemeni one our team was not here. One of the few good things technology blesses us with.

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