Trump Is Right, It’s Time to End the Afghan War

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President Trump’s decision to withdraw 7,000 troops from Afghanistan, possibly leading to a complete withdrawal of U.S. forces from that country in the near term, is correct.

The Taliban insurgency there has already replaced the National Unity Government in much of the country, while the government itself has proven to be incapable of standing on its own after 17 years of American and international efforts to enable it to do so. The president has long argued that the war in Afghanistan is a no-win situation. Popular sentiment tracks with the president’s view and his decision. A majority of servicemembers and veterans also agree that this war has been going on too long.

The foreign policy establishment warns that Afghanistan will once again become a “safe haven” for international terrorist organizations if the U.S. departs. But as the Taliban is currently fighting the so-called ISIS branch in Afghanistan, ISIS-Khorasan, the president is appropriately suspicious of these experts’ claims.

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