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The Stolen Life of Christopher Tapp

The Two Kinds of “Trump Derangement Syndrome”


Freedom Zealot Podcast February 4, 2017: There are two varieties of Trump Derangement Syndrome on display — both of them inspired by the idea that he is an anomaly. One leads to riots over Trump’s exercise of the deadly powers of his office; the other celebrates it.

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The Stolen Life of Christopher Tapp

Meet David Clarke, aka Sheriff Snowflake


Freedom Zealot Podcast January 21, 2017: Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin abducted a citizen who gave him a dirty look; after the victim filed a complaint, Clarke threatened to beat him, and told him to be grateful he wasn’t summarily executed for his “offense.”


The Stolen Life of Christopher Tapp

The Slow-Motion State Murder of Michael Whiteley


Freedom Zealot Podcast December 31, 2016: Michael Whiteley is in prison because Silvia Candio, the “Black Widow of Bonneville County,” claimed he kidnapped and raped her. The legal record proves otherwise. The leading expert on DEA undercover operations, Michael Levine, says the evidence suggests that Canido is a “sociopath” and professional informant.


The Stolen Life of Christopher Tapp

How the State Condemned Michael Whitely to Death

Michael Whitely didn’t kidnap or rape Sylvia Canido. According to her, he was framed for that crime after she was raped — and impregnated — by an Idaho Falls Police officer. Now in his late sixties and in very poor health, Whitely will die in prison, barring something akin to a judicial miracle.


The Stolen Life of Christopher Tapp

What Cops and Slave Overseers Have in Common

Philando Castile was killed without cause by a police officer who has been indicted — but not for murder — because Castile’s life is not considered as valuable as that of the officer who killed him. “Blue Lives” matter just a little more than the rest, owing to a legal framework that is designed to redistribute the risks in police encounters from the officer to the citizen.


Are Citizens the Government’s Property?

Are Citizens the Government’s Property?

The first oath of naturalization defined the citizen’s responsibility as vigilance in holding the government accountable to the Constitution; the current version requires new citizens to say, in effect, “I place myself at the disposal of my new rulers.” What the government expects of new citizens says a great deal about the way it views the rest of us, as well.

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What Obama Built, Donald Trump Now Inherits

What Obama Built, Donald Trump Now Inherits

Donald Trump doesn’t actually build things; he places his name on what others have constructed, and he is about to re-brand Obama’s executive-centered police state. Trump supporters eager to help their leader expand the apparatus of coercion should remember that what they build, their political enemies will someday control.

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Suddenly the FBI are the “Good Guys”?

Suddenly the FBI are the “Good Guys”?

Many “patriots” are celebrating what they have been told is a benign Deep State “coup” against Obama and Hillary Clinton carried out by a faction within the FBI — the Regime’s political police. Too many people who should know better are focusing their attention on the tyrant, rather than the tyranny.


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The Stolen Life of Christopher Tapp

Matthew Townsend Preliminary Hearing March 19, 2015 -Excerpts

This is a key excerpt from the March 19 preliminary hearing for Matthew Townsend, who was arrested by Meridian Police Officer Richard Brockbank on a fraudulent “resisting and obstructing” charge. Prosecutor Abbey Germaine requests bail be revoked pending a new charge of “witness intimidation” based on a Facebook post in which Townsend protested his mistreatment. Trial Judge James Cawthon wasn’t convinced and issued an order for a hearing on the motion on March 30. The Meridian City PD violated that order by having Townsend arrested the following day.


News Roundup

News Roundup 4/2/20

US News The US will allow the sailors on the USS T Roosevelt to quarantine sick sailors in Guam. The Captain of the aircraft carrier wrote a letter warning about a catastrophic situation on the ship as he was unable to stop the spread of coronavirus. [Link] Trump...


Flunk the State!

Knowledgeable people (Bill Gates among them) had warned for years that governments were ill-prepared for serious pandemics. The US government was not just ill-prepared; it also maintained regulatory obstacles -- in the name of public health -- to others who were...

RIP Jeff Grosso

That fucking sucks. https://youtu.be/Doy_vHTtctA So who's to know? when's our time to go So kiss your kids and tuck em in good night https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZfsGl5zKcw  

The Scott Horton Show

3/27/20 Ted Carpenter on Liberty and the Coronavirus

Ted Carpenter discusses the possible ramifications of the coronavirus on both the economy and our personal liberties. He first reminds us that this is not a question of sacrificing economic productivity for the sake of saving lives, as some would have us...

3/27/20 Eli Clifton on the Crushing US Sanctions on Iran

Scott interviews Eli Clifton about the U.S. sanctions regime against Iran. These sanctions were already having a severe impact on the ability of Iranian civilians to conduct business and buy necessary goods, and in the face of coronavirus they could turn an already...

Free Man Beyond the Wall

Foreign Policy Focus

The US is Exploiting Covid-19 to Push Regime Change

On FPF #473, I discuss the US attempts to exploit coronavirus outbreaks to overthrow governments. In Venezuela, the US already has a 'maximum pressure' campaign going. The over a year-long campaign has failed to force the countries president, Maduro, from power, but...

A Boy Named Pseu

#126 Stephan Livera

Stephan Livera and I discuss Austrian economics, libertarianism, personal responsibility, and much more.

#123 Paul Snow

CEO of Factom, Paul Snow, gives me the 101 on Factom. We also discuss blockchain use cases (especially having autonomy over your digital ID and data), tokenization, and the overall importance of bitcoin and crypto. This is how we become sovereign individuals. Factom...

#121 Pierre Rochard

@krakenfx 's "COSO" (Chief Open-Source Officer 😉) @pierre_rochard indoctrinates me on FOSS, Austrian Econ, Volcker, The Fed, & Lightning ⚡️We also debunk #bitcoin FUD & EMH. Thanks for coming on, dude! Listen on all Podcatchers!...

#120 Parker Lewis

Parker Lewis of Unchained Capital gives the 101 on fractional reserve banking, quantitive easing, the problems of the current financial system, what money is, and why we need bitcoin. Check out the Unchained Capital Blog

Don't Tread on Anyone

Anarcho-Capitalism: The Only Moral System

Based on the following definitions, I make the case that free market anarchism is the only moral system for humans to live under. Anarchy: A social system based on the recognition that no person or group of persons has the right to rule or initiate violence or...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ge1jjt2mmmM&t=2s A monumental scam throughout history has been getting people to criticize technicalities of an issue, rather than the foundational problem.  The problem with government is NOT that some are monarchies, some are...

Private Law & Defense by Robert P. Murphy – Essay Summary

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we2jksUNxtY I give an essay summary and analysis of Chaos Theory by Robert P. Murphy. In short, a stateless society would not be perfect, but all imperfections of the market apply ten fold to the state.  Voluntary funded competition...

Three Arguments EVERY Police Officer Must Hear

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxKDgNBQNRI Part 1: Keith Knight of Don't Tread on Anyone Part 2: Georgetown Professor Jason Brennan and Thomas E. Woods Jr.  (full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPmLMHYHl3Q&t=59s ) Part 3: Mark Passio Natural Law Seminar...

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