School Cop Repeatedly Tasers Innocent Special Needs Child for Wanting to Go Outside

A family has filed a lawsuit against a Texas police department after their special needs son, with the mentality of a 9-year-old, was repeatedly tasered for simply trying to walk outside.

Katy, TX — The family of a special needs student at Mayde Creek High School has filed a lawsuit against the school district after disturbing video showed a Katy ISD police officer repeatedly taser their son until he defecated himself and threw up. His “crime”? Trying to walk outside.
The video, taken from Katy ISD officer Elvin Paley’s body camera shows 17-year-old Jevon Washington attempt to walk out of the school after he began to have some sort of panic attack while in class.
The incident happened in November of 2016 and the video is just now being released as Washington’s mother has come forward after she says no one is answering her questions.
“This was not necessary, it was excessive force,” Jevon’s mother, Lori Washington told ABC13.
On that November day, Washington who is in special education at the school, says he was merely trying to go outside to “blow off some steam, but a male school official blocked him, asking him over and over why he wanted to leave.”
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