COI #154: The War State Spins Lies to Exploit Tragedy at Kabul Airport

by | Aug 26, 2021

COI #154: The War State Spins Lies to Exploit Tragedy at Kabul Airport

by | Aug 26, 2021


Connor Freeman – writer at the Libertarian Institute – returns to the show to discuss the dual suicide bombing at the Kabul airport. As of the recording, at least 60 Afghans and 13 American soldiers were killed in the blasts. ISIS-K – a group of mostly non-Afghans that have pledged loyalty to the Islamic State – claimed credit for the attack, which came after several terrorism alerts from US and Taliban officials in recent days. 

In response to the bombing, American hawks have exploited the tragedy by spinning lies about the situation in Afghanistan, many claiming Washington could easily take Kabul under control with a few soldiers. Others have suggested that America commit war crimes and wipe Afghan cities off the map in response, often conflating the Taliban with ISIS-K. Kyle and Connor debunk the most popular myths being pushed. 

Connor breaks down how Israel is terrorizing the Palestinians. In the West Bank, Tel Aviv is increasing the use of night raids, seeing IDF soldiers storm refugee camps in the middle of the night. Israeli forces have responded to Palestinian opposition to the raids with increased violence. During a recent raid, Israeli forces murdered a Palestinian teenager. 

Kyle and Connor update ongoing protests in Gaza. The situation for Palestinians in the blockaded enclave is even worse as IDF snipers recently opened fire on demonstrators, injuring over 40 people, including 24 children. A Palestinian gunman shot one of the snipers in the head. In response, Israel has bombed Gaza City. 

Along with bombing Palestinians, Israel has also been targeting Syria. While Syria and Russia have announced they would attempt to prevent the strikes, Israel has so far been undeterred. The strikes add to the instability in the region that could be exacerbated as Israel pushes Biden to leave the JCPOA. Connor explains how Israel’s reckless bombing is driving tensions in the Middle East.

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