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COI #186: You Cannot Break the ‘Blue Wall of Silence’

by | Nov 10, 2021

COI #186: You Cannot Break the ‘Blue Wall of Silence’

by | Nov 10, 2021


On COI #186, Kyle Anzalone discusses a new report from USA Today on the culture in police departments against exposing police abuse. The report found that nearly all police departments have a culture that punishes whistleblowers and defends abusers. The article argues laws, unions, size of departments, diversity, and oversight had little impact on officers ability to abuse the public without repercussions. 

Kyle breaks down how the Israeli firm NSO Group’s Pegasus software was being used to surveil leaders of human rights groups who advocate for Palestinians. Israel attempted to label the groups as “terrorist organizations” to smear the organizations and deter funders. The groups were working with the International Criminal Court to document war crimes. 

Kyle updates the corruption of the military-industrial complex. Politico continues to run content sponsored by Lockheed Martin that hypes the China threat. Lockheed recently received a massive contract to update the F-22 Raptor, despite the company’s ability to build a functioning war plane.

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About Kyle Anzalone

Kyle Anzalone is news editor of the Libertarian Institute, opinion editor of and co-host of Conflicts of Interest with Will Porter and Connor Freeman.

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