COI #213: American Leaders Choose Backing Neo-Nazis Over Diplomacy with Russia

by | Jan 9, 2022

COI #213: American Leaders Choose Backing Neo-Nazis Over Diplomacy with Russia

by | Jan 9, 2022


On COI #213, Kyle Anzalone discusses upcoming talks between the US and Russia. The talks are set to begin tomorrow in Vienna. Over the past month, the US has signaled an unwillingness to allow Ukrainian membership for a decade and Russia moved 10,000 troops away from the border with Ukraine. However, recent meetings between Secretary of State Antony Blinken and NATO officials suggest the US will go into talks with Russia refusing to compromise. 

Kyle breaks down a recent Newsweek article on the Neo-Nazi movement in Ukraine. White nationalists in Ukraine have become a key part of the military supported by the US. These Ukrainian militias are recruiting globally, with some members coming from the US who are further radicalized and given battlefield experience. America backs the Neo-Nazi-infested military to play geopolitics with Russia. 

Kyle updates the growing network of anti-China alliances the US is fostering in the Indo-Pacific. Japan inked a military pact with Australia last week. With a focus on hypersonic weapons, the US and Japan signed a weapons research and development agreement.

Kyle talks about the escalating conflict in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is cruelly blocking fuel from reaching key ports while ramping up its airwar. However, Riyadh will soon need a resupply of Patriot missiles. The weapons sale may present an opportunity for Americans to try to end the war. 

Kyle also discusses the apartheid Israeli state. A woman from Gaza documented the inhumanity she faced attempting to get medical care. Israeli tanks destroyed Palestinian wheat fields. 


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