Cyberwar with Russia

On FPF #363, I discuss the US taking an offensive approach in a cyber war with Russia, protests in Hong Kong, and the US blaming Iran for everything. The New York Times reports US Cyber Command is preparing to have the ability go on the offensive against the Russian power grid. However, Trump is unaware of the plan. 

Protests in Hong Kong are growing and demanding the region’s leader step down. Last week, protesters won a battle against a proposed extradition law. US NGOs are playing a role in the protests. The LP Chair Nick Sarwark has used this as an opportunity to attack Ron Paul for being too kind to authoritarian governments. I explain why Sarwark is wrong. 

The US continues to blame Iran for everything. I break down the accusations and the evidence to support them. I also look at the breaches – by the US and possibly Iran – of the JCPOA. 



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