Mueller’s Sly Speech guest Will Porter

Will Porter returns to FPF to talk about Assange, Russiagate, and Yemen. A Swedish judge rejected a prosecutor’s request to ask the UK extradite Assange to Sweden for questioning about sexual assault allegations in 2010. Will explains this may be some of the first good news Assange has gotten in some time. 

Robert Mueller gave a brief press conference about his Russiagate probe. Mueller used language that has allowed Russiagate conspiracy theorists to falsely claim that Trump was only not charged because he is a sitting president. Will and Kyle debunk Mueller’s distortions of the truth – that no conspiracy with Russia exists. 

Will and Kyle discuss the ongoing genocide in Yemen and the considerable role the US, France, and the UK play in the war. 

Will Porter is a staff writer at RT. His work can be found at, Consortium News, and the Libertarian Institute. 

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