News Roundup 2/9/2024

by | Feb 9, 2024

News Roundup 2/9/2024

by | Feb 9, 2024


  • Senate Votes Down $118 Billion Military Aid and Border Bill AWC
  • Senate Votes to Deliberate on $95 Billion Foreign Military Aid Bill AWC
  • Zelensky Removes His Top General, A Move That’s Expected to Backfire AWC


  • Report: US Military Advisors Deployed to Taiwan-Controlled Islands on China’s Coast AWC


  • Netanyahu Rejects Hamas Counter Offer for Hostage Deal, Insists on ‘Total Victory’ AWC
  • Congress Attacks Critical Aid Organization Over Baseless Israel Accusations The Institute 
  • IDF Opens Investigation of Friendly Fire Deaths During the October 7 Attack The Institute 
  • Israeli Protesters Block Aid Trucks From Entering Gaza MEE
  • Babies in Gaza Face Starvation From Formula Shortage AP
  • Netanyahu Says Israeli Troops Will Soon Attack Rafah as the UN Warns it Could Lead to Large-Scale Loss of Civilian Life’ NYT
  • Report: Israel Backing Off on Hostage Talks After Rejecting Hamas’s Latest Offer AWC
  • Saudi Arabia Rebukes US Comments on Israel Normalization AWC

Middle East 

  • Hezbollah, Israel Trade Strikes Along Lebanon Border AWC
  • Israeli Airstrikes Kill Several Civilians in Syria AWC
  • US Drone Strike in Baghdad Kills High-Ranking Kataib Hezbollah Commander AWC
  • Iraq Repeats Call for US Forces to Withdraw After Baghdad Drone Strike AWC
  • US Launches More Rounds of Strikes Against Houthis in Yemen AWC

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