American Neo-Nazi Training Forces in Maine to Fight for Ukraine

by | Aug 10, 2023

American Neo-Nazi Training Forces in Maine to Fight for Ukraine

by | Aug 10, 2023

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Cristopher Pohlhaus says he plans to fight for Kiev

Christopher Pohlhaus, a former Marine and prominent Neo-Nazi – has purchased land in Maine to train soldiers to fight for Ukraine. He sees the war against Russia as a unique chance to fight alongside the Azov Battalion and defend a nearly “all-white nation.”

Last year, Pohlhaus bought at least ten acres of land in Springfield, Maine. Although he claims he owns over 100 acres. Pohlhaus has discussed his ambitious plans for his Maine training grounds on social media. In a Telegram channel, he posted, “There will likely not be another chance in my lifetime to fight alongside other [National Socialist] men against a multi-ethnic invading empire to defend an almost all white nation.”

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, Pohlhaus confirmed he hoped his Blood Tribe would join the Azov Battalion and C14 – prominent Ukrainian Neo-Nazi militias – in the fight against Russia. Scott Horton, Director of the Libertarian Insititute, Tweeted an article about the land in Maine and asked, “They going to fight with the Azov Battalion and C14 on the eastern front?” Pohlhaus – nicknamed “The Hammer” – responded directly to Horton, saying, “Yes, actually.” 

It is unclear how far the Blood Tribe fighters have progressed in their training. One reporter visited the site and said no group members were present. Local officials report Pohlhaus has not begun applying for permits to build structures on his property. Pohlhaus said he has purchased a sawmill and plans to build cabins for his soldiers. 

Since civil war broke out in Ukraine after a coup in 2014, Neo-Nazis have flocked to the country to fight for Kiev. Ukrainian Neo-Nazis have held important positions in government, and national socialist militias have been a crucial part of Kiev’s war machine. 

Early in the war, thousands of Neo-Nazis arrived in Ukraine to fight for a “shared vision for an ultranationalist ethno-state.” While Washington has attempted to dismiss the role of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine as Russian propaganda, the New York Times admitted that Western journalists were asking Ukrainian troops to remove Neo-Nazi symbols before taking photos of them. 

Additionally, the Russian Volunteer Corps – a militia aligned with Kiev – used American weapons to carry out attacks inside Russia. The fighters in the group openly wear Nazi symbols, such as the Black Sun. 

Pohlhaus also proudly displays symbols of his national socialist ideology. Earlier this year, he led a protest in Ohio with several members displaying swastikas. While most of his Blood Tribe members wore full masks, Pohlhaus exposed his face and marched with a swastika flag. 

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