Israel Requesting Apache Attack Helicopters from US

by | Dec 28, 2023

Israel Requesting Apache Attack Helicopters from US

by | Dec 28, 2023

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Israeli officials have asked their American counterparts for additional Apache attack helicopters. The White House has not given Tel Aviv a response, leading Israel to step up pressure on the US. The Israeli Defense Forces is heavily using the Apaches across multiple fronts. 

Ynet, an Israeli outlet, reports the Israeli Defense Minister requested the attack helicopters but the White House has not yet reached a decision. “The IDF has requested Apache attack helicopters from the United States but has been denied so far,” Ynet explains. 

“The request was made to the Pentagon in recent weeks and was also raised by Defense Minister Yoav Gallant during his meetings with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin during his visit to Israel last week.” The report continues, “Security sources suggest that a final decision on the potential acquisition has not been made, and Jerusalem is continuing to apply pressure.”

Since October 7, Israel has used Apache attack helicopters in Gaza, the West Bank, and along the northern border in battles with Hezbollah. Israel only has two squadrons with Apaches, which are currently experiencing heavy use. “These squadrons have been conducting round-the-clock operations in Gaza since the beginning of the war,” Ynet reports. 

The Israeli air war in Gaza has annihilated much of the besieged enclave. Tel Aviv has conducted the military operations in Gaza with President Joe Biden’s full-throated support. The White House has remained steadfast in its pledge to provide Tel Aviv with unconditional military aid. 

The brutality of the Israeli war in Gaza has led many experts to conclude Israel was conducting a genocide in Gaza. In under three months, over 21,000 people are dead, including at least 8,000 children. The number of Palestinian children killed vastly exceeds the number of Hamas members Israel claims to have killed thus far. 

Palestinians are beginning to face an even larger threat than Israeli bombs and bullets. Israel has been stifling aid deliveries into Gaza, while devastating the Strip’s food, sewage, medical, and water infrastructure. The result of Tel Aviv’s policy is 2.3 million Palestinians on the brink of famine and epidemic. 

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