UK to Send Record $620 Million Military Aid Package to Ukraine

by | Apr 23, 2024

UK to Send Record $620 Million Military Aid Package to Ukraine

by | Apr 23, 2024

the president of ukraine met with the british prime minister in kyiv. (52509631592)

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak meets Zelensky

The UK announced its largest-ever military aid package for Ukraine, totaling $620 million (£500 million). Though Washington remains Kiev’s most prominent backer, some NATO countries have scrapped together aid packages to attempt to keep the Ukrainian military fighting as a massive $61 billion Ukraine aid bill continues to work its way through the US Congress.

London unveiled its “largest ever single package of equipment” on Tuesday. According to the UK delegation to NATO, the arms include 1,600 strike & air defense missiles, Storm Shadow missiles, four million rounds of ammo, 60 boats, and over 400 vehicles.

Defence Minister Grant Shapps said the aid will help Ukraine win the war. “This record package of military aid will give President Zelensky and his brave nation more of the kit they need to kick Putin out and restore peace and stability in Europe,” he declared. 

The Defense Minister went on to tout Ukraine’s role in the war. “The UK was the first to provide NLAW missiles, the first to give modern tanks, and the first to send long-range missiles,” he said. “Now, we are going even further. We will never let the world forget the existential battle Ukraine is fighting, and with our enduring support, they will win.”

While the UK was the first to provide some weapons platforms to Ukraine, the overwhelming amount of aid has come from the US. London’s largest package, $620 million, is dwarfed by Washington’s largest approved shipment, which totaled over $3 billion. Additionally, London has provided $3.7 billion in total assistance to Ukraine, several times smaller than the at least $42 billion in American military aid.

Several European NATO members have shipped weapons to Ukraine over the past several months as a $61 billion bill to fund the proxy war in Ukraine was stalled in Congress. However, it appears the deadlock has been broken, and President Joe Biden is expected to sign legislation during the coming days. 

After the bill is passed, the White House plans to send a large weapon shipment to Ukraine. The package is expected to include Bradley Fighting Vehicles, Humvees, M113 armored personnel carriers, and missiles.

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