The Truth About Oppenheimer / Part One

by | Jul 25, 2023

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Christopher Nolan’s new film #oppenheimer appears to humanize J. Robert Oppenheimer as an eclectic genius who was haunted by the profound consequences of the weapon he created.

However, another story lurks beneath #Oppenheimer. A secret story. One that saw Manhattan Project scientists conducting clandestine medical experiments on unwitting and innocent American citizens.

The true story is that, while the United State led the prosecution of Nazi war criminals, Manhattan Project scientists secretly injected American citizens with lethal doses of plutonium without the subjects’ knowledge or consent.

If the Manhattan Project was meant to protect America, why would its scientists be injecting American civilians with radioactive material?

Christopher Nolan describes “Oppenheimer” as “a horror film,” stating that the film will leave viewer contemplating dark and unsettling questions. The information in “The Truth About Oppenheimer” will leave you disgusted.

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