Yemen Can’t Wait ft. Scott Horton and Kyle Anzalone Ep. 195

by | Dec 12, 2021

This week I am joined by Scott Horton and Kyle Anzalone to discuss the continuing US-led Saudi starvation campaign in Yemen. Will a Houthi victory in Marib bring an end to the disastrous conflict? It’s unlikely, but one phone call from Biden likely could. We also discuss great power tensions, as the last month saw increasing escalations with Iran, Russia, and China. Episode 195 of the Liberty Weekly Podcast is Brought to you by: Join Liberty Weekly and tons of your favorite creators on Rokfin for one low subscription fee! Liberty Weekly Subscribestar Rakuten Cash Back Referral Link Liberty Weekly Substack The Liberty Weekly Patreon Page: help support the show and gain access to tons of bonus content! Become a patron today! Liberty Weekly on Flote. Patreon Bonuses for Crypto! Show Notes: Follow Scott on Twitter at Scott Horton (@scotthortonshow) / Twitter and on the Libertarian Institute at Scott | The Libertarian Institute Follow Kyle on Twitter at Kyle Anzalone (@KyleAnzalone_) / Twitter and on the Libertarian Institute at Kyle Anzalone | The Libertarian Institute

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