1/31/20 Sam Jacobs on Lavoy Finicum’s Death and Washington’s Management of Federal Land

1/31/20 Sam Jacobs on Lavoy Finicum’s Death and Washington’s Management of Federal Land

Sam Jacobs of Ammo.com discusses the 2016 Oregon standoff between federal agents and Ammon Bundy, Lavoy Finicum and their allies. Most listeners probably remember some of the details of the 2014 standoff in Bundy’s native Nevada, which ultimately resulted in a judge dismissing all charges with prejudice after it was shown that federal agents lied about their side of the story. Most probably aren’t as familiar with the details of a similar incident in Oregon, which led to Finicum’s death. Jacobs explains some of the nuances of the case, concluding that even though Finicum’s innocence is not as clear as some make it out to be, there was obvious malfeasance on the part of law enforcement, as well as an attempt to supplant the truth with a false narrative afterward.

Discussed on the show:

  • “The Oregon Standoff: Understanding Lavoy Finicum’s Death and Washington’s Management of BLM Land” (Ammo.com)
  • “Midnight Express (1978)” (IMDb)

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