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11/6/17 Elijah Magnier on the mayhem in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia

11/6/17 Elijah Magnier on the mayhem in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia

Middle East correspondent Elijah Magnier returns to the show to discuss the latest turmoil in the Middle East and his recent article “ISIS into History’s rubbish bin and Iraq neither Iranian nor American.” Magnier shares what he knows about the resignation of Saad Hariri in Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia’s role in the latest Middle Eastern mess. Magnier then discusses the history of Hezbollah in Lebanon, the distinction between the terrorist group and the parliamentary party, which has considerable political power and popularity. Magnier then slams the U.S. media for turning al Qaeda into a moderate rebel group and the fall out from the war in Syria.

Elijah Magnier is the chief international correspondent at Al Rai and a political and terrorism/counterterrorism analyst. Find all his work at and follow him on Twitter @ejmalrai.

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