4/17/18 Daniel Lazare on Saudi Arabia’s Resource Curse

Journalist and author Daniel Lazare returns to the show to discuss the latest issues facing Saudi Arabia and his latest article for The American Conservative, “Will the Saudi Kingdom Collapse Under the Resource Curse?” Lazare compares the Saudi Arabian kingdom to 16th Century Spain, which discovered the new world and was overwhelmed with the sudden flow of gold and silver, which, despite its incredible resources was ruined and needed to file bankruptcy in order to limp along. Lazare then explains why he refers to the Saudi-American alliance in the Middle East as “a marriage made in hell.” Scot then asks Lazare: Why on earth would Saudi Arabia go along with the plan to get rid of Saddam Hussein and empower their enemy Iran in the process? Lazare then explains why diversifying the economy, as Mohammad bin Salman desires, will be far more difficult done than said. Finally, Scott wonders whether the Saudis believe the propaganda they spread about Iran’s global evil or whether it’s politically expedient for the regime.

Daniel Lazare is the author of The Frozen Republic: How the constitution is Paralyzing Democracy and a regular contributor at Consortium News. Find all of his work at his website and follow him on Twitter @dhlazare.

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