9/17/20 Ted Snider on the Bahrain ‘Peace’ Agreement

9/17/20 Ted Snider on the Bahrain ‘Peace’ Agreement

Ted Snider comes back for an update on the recent round of “peace deals” conducted by President Trump over the last few weeks. Now Bahrain has joined the normalization agreement between the U.S., Israel and the UAE, a move that Trump and his allies are hailing as unprecedented, but which Snider believes is a great deal of fanfare with very little substance. For one thing, he reminds us that these countries can’t declare peace, since they were not at war; they’ve already been at peace for decades. These deals amount to a public announcement of policies that in practice have been in place for a long time—this is simply an opportunity for the leaders of these countries to get some positive PR. Snider says that on the other hand, we have to consider what this means for the Palestinians, whose cause was long championed by Arab nations that refused to negotiate with Israel until the Palestinian situation had been addressed. These deals also promise a great deal of American weaponry to our allies, which will only serve to ratchet up tensions with Iran, against whom this posturing is obviously directed.

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Ted Snider has a graduate degree in philosophy and writes on analyzing patterns in U.S. foreign policy and history. He is a regular writer for Truthout, MondoWeiss and antiwar.com.

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