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6/25/17 Gareth Porter on how Obama’s CIA backed al Qaeda in Syria

Gareth Porter returns to discuss his important new article, “How the US Armed Terrorists in Syria,” the evidence, former-CIA Director Petraeus pushed the scheme to arm rebels in Syria, leading to the rise of Islamic State and the current war there.

8/02/18 Peter Van Buren on Modern McCarthyism

Peter van Buren is interviewed on his new article for the American Conservative “Donald Trump is Not the ‘Manchurian Candidate’” and the modern McCarthyism of the neoconservative and establishment attacks on the Trump Administration.

Peter Van Buren worked for 24 years at the Department of State including a year in Iraq. He is the author of We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People and the novel Hooper’s War. He is now a contributing editor at The American Conservative magazine. Follow him on Twitter @WeMeantWell.

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12/6/16 Mark Perry on Donald Trump’s selection of Gen. James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis for Secretary of Defense

Mark Perry, author of Talking to Terrorists: Why America Must Engage with its Enemies, discusses why incoming Secretary of Defense James Mattis harbors a grudge against Iran; why military officers are a poor fit for civilian oversight positions in government; and Trump’s overestimation of his presidential powers and ability to “give orders.”

2/1/17 Trevor Aaronson on The Intercept’s cache of secret FBI documents showing their vast powers and operating rules

Trevor Aaronson, a contributing writer at The Intercept and executive director of the nonprofit Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, discusses the classified FBI documents obtained by The Intercept showing that the FBI has expanded its role far beyond federal law enforcement after 9/11, and that it is now a domestic and foreign intelligence agency with “extraordinary secret powers.”

Some of the notable articles include:

1/30/17 Patrick Cockburn on Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ and the fight against terrorism

Patrick Cockburn, author of ISIS: Battling the Menace, discusses why Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ will lead to more terrorist attacks instead of preventing them; and why Al-Qaeda’s greatest success wasn’t bringing down the twin towers on 9/11, but provoking George W. Bush into invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

11/7/16 David Swanson on the No More Wars initiative

David Swanson, author of War is a Lie, discusses his article “How Drone Pilots Talk;” and the initiative to tell the next president “No more war!”

2/22/17 Mark Perry on Trump’s new national security adviser Lt. General H.R. McMaster

Mark Perry, author of Talking to Terrorists: Why America Must Engage with its Enemies, discusses the military philosophy of new national security adviser Lt. General H.R. McMaster, who, as smart and qualified as he is, might not be the best man for the job; and the growing anti-Russia tilt within President Trump’s cabinet that runs counter to his campaign promises to improve relations between the world’s preeminent nuclear powers.

11/6/17 Elijah Magnier on the mayhem in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia

Middle East correspondent Elijah Magnier returns to the show to discuss the latest turmoil in the Middle East and his recent article “ISIS into History’s rubbish bin and Iraq neither Iranian nor American.” Magnier shares what he knows about the resignation of Saad Hariri in Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia’s role in the latest Middle Eastern mess. Magnier then discusses the history of Hezbollah in Lebanon, the distinction between the terrorist group and the parliamentary party, which has considerable political power and popularity. Magnier then slams the U.S. media for turning al Qaeda into a moderate rebel group and the fall out from the war in Syria.

Elijah Magnier is the chief international correspondent at Al Rai and a political and terrorism/counterterrorism analyst. Find all his work at and follow him on Twitter @ejmalrai.

Discussed on the show:

12/20/16 Daniel Davis on the indecisive battle for Mosul

Retired US Army colonel Daniel L. Davis discusses why the Iraqi coalition’s progress in retaking ISIS-held Mosul isn’t as impressive as it seems, and the implications for the Iraqi government and incoming Trump administration if there is no decisive victory in early 2017.

10/21/16 Danny Davis on the battle of the ten armies

Retired US Army colonel Daniel L. Davis discusses his article “Why the Battle for Mosul Could Become a Total Disaster;” and how US military intervention is paving the way for Al Qaeda/ISIS control of an actual state – not the pseudo state currently held in Iraq.

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