Benjamin Netanyahu

Trump and Netanyahu’s Plan B

Trump and Netanyahu first tried to bribe the Palestinians into capitulating to the Israeli imposition. But the two men failed. So now they are executing Plan B: bribing the Arab states' rulers to give up even the pretense of championing the Palestinians in their...

Palestinians as Pawns

Trump's "vision" for Palestine well illustrates that in his eyes (not to mention the eyes of Netanyahu, Kushner, and others), the Palestinians are mere pawns to be manipulated in the service of Israel's and Trump's designs. This can be readily seen in an obscure...

Israel Will Stay Forever in Areas They Stole in 1967 War

Not that you were so foolish as to believe the Israeli government would ever allow Palestinian independence. But for the record, again: Israel has already de facto annexed the last of Palestine 52 years ago. It is an apartheid state, not a democracy, and is certainly...



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