Greenwald and Trump’s ‘Saboteur’

Glenn Greenwald's commentary on this senior Trump "traitor" is that the people in the White House represent an "unelected cabal". Hey, Trump is a great example of why libertarians don't like democracy.  But you know what libertarians hate more democratically elected...

Trump and JFK’s “Fascist New Frontier”

In his speech at Fayetteville, NC, yesterday Donald Trump said: "Our men and women in uniform represent the absolute best of us. We must follow their example working in unison toward a shared goal across every social, racial and economic line. They understand that to...

U.S. Out of Afghanistan!

Trevor Thrall has written a great one for the Washington Examiner demanding an end to the occupation/war against Afghanistan. This is especially valuable in preaching non-intervention to the Examiner's conservative audience. Not that they aren't already sick of war by...



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