Kevin Clinesmith Guilty in Russiagate Plot

He's the guy who -- ahem -- erased the detail that Carter Page was a loyal American patriot and CIA asset from the FBI's FISA warrant applications. No word yet if he's being compelled to testify against his superiors.

Matt Taibbi: Democrats Have Abandoned Civil Liberties

I know. It's hard to believe the guys who hired the Delta Force to burn the Branch Davidians to death, banned AR-15s, voted for the PATRIOT Act, colluded with Bush on spying and torture and war, let Obama get away with deliberately murdering American citizens and...

News Roundup 3/13/20

News Roundup 3/13/20

US News A judge orders Chelsea Manning to be released from jail. Manning has been imprisoned for over a year for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury. [Link]WikiLeaks says the grand jury in the Assange case has been disbanded. [Link]The House passes a bill...

News Roundup 2/7/18

Senator Grassley releases a memo on the FISA warrant application to spy on the Trump campaign. [Link] A look at the mismanagement of US nuclear weapons contracts. [Link] Mattis is pushing for the US to develop sea-based nuclear Cruise Missiles. [Link] Trump is pushing...

Senate Votes to Trash Fourth Amendment

The U.S. Senate is no more inclined to stop warrantless surveillance of Americans than the House of Representatives was. Today the Senate voted to stop any attempt to limit the government's power to violate, under FISA Section 702, Americans' right to privacy as...

News Roundup 11/9/17

Steve Bannon said George W Bush was the most destructive president in US history. [Link] The USA LIBERTY ACT passes its House committee. The bill will renew the FISA 702 program and expand the government's ability to spy on Americans. [Link] The Acting Army Secretary...

News Roundup 4/12/17

Donald Trump says North Korea is looking for trouble and that the US can solve the problem. [Link] Tillerson tells Russia that Assad's rule is coming to an end. [Link] The FBI got a FISA warrant to spy on a former Trump advisor. [Link] Trump signed the approval for...



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