Hamas, Israel, and the United States

For obvious reasons, I cannot endorse Hamas's firing projectiles at residential centers in Israel. But if is wrong to terrorize Israeli noncombatants into changing their government's outrageous anti-Palestinian policies, then it must also be wrong for Israel and the...

Israel and Palestine w/Sheldon Richman

Israel and Palestine w/Sheldon Richman

I asked Sheldon Richman, the author of Coming to Palestine, to come on the show and break down the conflict of Israel and Palestine. Coming to Palestine What Social Animals Owe to Each Other Sheldon at the Libertarian Institute 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical...

Why’d the US Gaza Coup War Fail?

Why’d the US Gaza Coup War Fail?

Hamas is a thorn in the side of Israel.  To get rid of their control over the Gaza Strip, America sponsored a coup, arming a different Palestinian faction. But Hamas is still in control of the Gaza Strip.  How did the plan go awry? Get the truth in our brand new...

Israel Funded Hamas

Israel Funded Hamas

The terrorist organization Hamas originally was a charity that got start-up money from Israel.  How did this cozy relationship go awry to turn them into one of Israel’s biggest enemies?  This episode teaches you the basics of: -What is Hamas? -What is the PLO? -How...



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