Trump Wanted to Bomb Natanz

Last Thursday. Anonymous NYT sources, but disappointing enough to be accurate. Says Pompeo and Miller talked him out of it. And here, he wants to designate the Houthis as terrorists to make it harder for the Democrats to end the war in Yemen. #hope #change

American Exceptionalism

The level of arrogance displayed by American government employees against us regular mundanes knows no real limit. The story of this disgusting criminal Anne Sacoolas is a perfect example. She is the wife of a spook with diplomatic immunity named Jonathan Sacoolas,...

Ron Paul asks: Why Was Soleimani Assassinated?

President Trump and Mike Pompeo told us that Iranian Gen. Soleimani had to be assassinated when he was in Baghdad at the end of last week because he was on a mission to plan and implement attacks on US military and diplomatic personnel in the region. But their story...

USA Almost Attacked Iran Tonight

I had a tip at 8 eastern that they were going to attack in one hour. Then the Tucker show started. Then the attack was called off. I'm willing to bet it was Tucker and Macgregor who stopped a war tonight. The New York Times says Trump had authorized the strike and...

Pompeo, Trump Throw Jared Peace Plan Under the Bus

Pompeo trashed it in a maybe-secretly recorded meeting with a Jewish group. Trump then also cast doubt. This goes with what Phil Weiss said the other day. It's dead, not because it was horrible, but because of Netanyahu's failure to form a government, which means it...



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