Reason Magazine Interview

Zach Weismueller from Reason interviewed me about Trump's foreign policy. Some of it ended up in this report: Trump's Failed Promise to Stop America's 'Endless Wars'



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Year Zero: Liberty at Home or Life Abroad

In Episode 52, with the annual celebrations of Independence Day, Tommy looks at the American Revolution. When constricting the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson set an extremely high bar for the state to live up to. 13 years later yet another bar was set...

A Great Eulogy For Justin Raimondo

By Nicky Reid in CounterPunch. The son of a bitch promised he wasn’t gonna go. That’s what goes through my grief wrenched mind tonight, as I learn that Justin Raimondo, easily the greatest writer of the Paleoconservative Movement and total unapologetic son of a bitch...

The Future is Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new "digital living room" where you can have more "intimate conversations" and I promise (this time I really mean it) we won't be harvesting your data. and war is peace, slavery is freedom, ignorance is strength



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