Rex Tillerson

News Roundup 3/31/17

Flynn offers to testify about the Trump campaign connections to Russia in exchange for immunity. [Link] Trump has given the military power to conduct offensive counterterrorism strikes against al-Shabaab in Somalia. Previously, the US was only about to conduct strikes...

News Roundup 2/2/17

Senate Democrats have been boycotting committee meeting because committee rules state that at least one member of each party had to be present for the vote. This has allowed the Democrats to temporarily block some of Trump's appointees from being approved by the...

Donald ‘Hillary Clinton’ Trump: To Syria!

#HortonsLaw says you can forget any good promise a politician makes and take all the bad ones to the bank. Well: Washington Times: Trump orders ‘safe zones’ in Syria despite fears of deeper U.S. involvement in war "President Trump is ordering the Pentagon and State...



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