American Police State

Laurie Laughlin, the lady from Full House, and her husband, clothing designer Something Mossimo, are being prosecuted by the feds for bribing their kid's way into USC. She now says the feds are hiding exculpatory evidence showing she thought the half-million was the...

News Roundup 7/23/19

News Roundup 7/23/19

US News The F-35 has new problems with the canopy. The F-22 has been replaced with F-15 in the Middle East. [Link] Protesters in Puerto Rico are demanding the territory’s leader step down. Puerto Rico’s governor says he will not seek reelection, but will not resign....

10/17/18 Ben Freeman on the Saudi Lobby

Ben Freeman explains why and how Saudi Arabia has so much influence in U.S. politics. Even though it's illegal for foreigners to donate to American political campaigns, he explains that it is perfectly legal for them to hire a lobbying firm in Washington, which can...

News Roundup 8/27/18

Lt Gen Kenneth McKenzie will replace Gen Votel as the head of CENTCOM. [Link] The US Navy will reactivate the 2nd Naval Fleet. The Fleet will patrol the Atlantic to combat Russia. [Link] During the March expulsion of diplomats between the US and Russia, US spies were...

The Antiwar Comic: The Russians Are Coming!

Will this election end?  I'm sure we're all going to have lots to criticize the Donald about in the coming months, but Democrat Deadenders are really making it difficult with this nonsense.  I mean, if they stopped to think about it, do you really want to trust the...



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