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Hope You’re Happy, Lady

A woman called the Gestapo to seize her brother's guns. On her word of unspecified "danger" alone, as is now the law in Maryland, the cops came right over and killed him to death. And so the fantasy of government as peacemaker comes right up against the reality of who...

The Killer App Of Decentralized Law

Anarchy, decentralized law, call it what you will.  The key benefit of anarchy, from both the left and right wing perspectives, is that the cost of enforcement is integrated into the form of the law. If a certain punishment is too expensive to enforce, then the market...

Freedom Zealot Podcast April 30, 2016

Sticks and stones may break human bones -- but hurt feelings are incredibly lucrative, if you belong to a "specially protected class," and are allied with an unaccountable commissar who is contemptuous of the law and determined to destroy property rights.  



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