two-state solution

Boris Johnson: Israeli Annexation Against Law

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Tuesday that Israeli plans to annex parts of the West Bank would “amount to a breach of international law.” Asked in the House of Commons about possible sanctions on Israel over the West Bank settlements, Johnson said: “I...

Gideon Levy: Please, Bibi, Let the Annexation Begin

Gideon Levy says it's time to end the charade. The time has come to put an end to the great masked ball that Israel and the world have been holding for 52 years already. All that’s left now is to say so officially. To admit to Israelis and to the world: Enough with...

Trump and Kushner’s Deal of the Century

Is a joke, as detailed in today's Washington Post. It was important for Israeli PR to have the failed talks at Camp David in 2000, where they pretended that the Palestinians refused to accept a perfectly good deal, which was no such thing at all. But what's the point...



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