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News Roundup 12/29/21

News Roundup 12/29/21

US News Biden says he will implement a ban on unvaccinated Americans from accessing domestic air travel if medical experts approve the plan. [Link] The LAPD releases the footage of the killing of 14-year-old Valentina Orellana-Peralta. Orellana-Peralta was killed when...

News Roundup 8/19/21

US News Biden says nursing homes that have Medicare and Medicaid residents have to mandate their staff are vaccinated. [Link] The FDA approved a third booster shot of the 2-shot covid vaccinations for most adults. [Link] The federal government will reimburse states...

News Roundup 12/29/21

News Roundup 5/27/20

US News A Minneapolis police officer handcuffed a man and then put his knee on the back of his neck until he died. Four officers were fired after the murder. [Link] Trump said he wants a full withdrawal from Afghanistan, but refused to set a target date. [Link] The US...

News Roundup 12/29/21

News Roundup 5/1/20

US News The Navy awards a $5.5 billion contract to Fincantieri to build warships. [Link] An Air Force intelligence report was leaked to the press explaining that US sanctions on Iran are harming the country's response to coronavirus. [Link] Russia says it will oppose...



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