From the Director: Re: Fund Drive, Progress Report

by | Mar 5, 2021

From the Director: Re: Fund Drive, Progress Report

by | Mar 5, 2021

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To: Institute supporters, readers and listeners

From: the Director:

Here’s a bit of an Institute progress report.

We’re in the middle of our Fund drive, which is going great. We’ve already raised more than $40,000 out of the $50,000 we’re pushing for, and a generous donor has now offered matching funds which ought to put us over the top by the end of the week — with your help!

We got one big one, but otherwise it has been hundreds and hundreds of donors making it happen. It’s pretty cool to see. And we sure appreciate it.

I have already signed and shipped hundreds of books to donors with quite a few still to go.

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That ought to keep us going until the next drive at the end of the summer.

My new book Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism is out! Folks seem to like it okay.

In the last 6 weeks, it’s sold about 2/3 of the total Fool’s Errand sold since August 2017, excluding the audiobook. (I’m working on the audiobook of the new one now.)

That makes six for the Institute so far.

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Also: the guy that produced my video series for the new book, here if you haven’t seen it …

… his name is Gus Cantavero, and it looks like he and I may try to travel around and get some good video interviews of some of our best guests in the next year.

I wrote this article about the attack on Syria, which also ran on

This spring and summer I am going to be giving a dozen or so speeches, mostly to LP groups, but I’m going to be addressing the Montana state legislature regarding the Bring The Guard Home legislation later this month. The Kristol debate is still in the works and I’m doing a joint event with Tom Woods at Freedom Fest in South Dakota in July.


Without me asking, a great volunteer has transcribed 25 interviews of mine with greats about all aspects of nuclear weapons. He’s going to knock out a few more and then I’m going to offer it to subscribing donors as an e-book, Tom Woods-style, at least for the first few months before I put it out as a paperback. That should be in a few months.

Then, check it out: the great Brad Hoff, a former marine who lived in Syria, is writing a book about the war there that we’re going to publish. I’ve just started to look at their early drafts. This is 5-star stuff. His co-author is a serious academic and scholar too.

Then we’ve got Richard Booth, who I would say is the best journalist working the Oklahoma Bombing case. We host his full documents archive at . He is a great journalist whose book will almost certainly be the definitive take on the story for years to come.

And not only that, but we’ve actually got one more William Norman Grigg book we’re putting out this year. Thomas R. Eddlem is editing it now. It’s called The Stolen Life of Christopher Tapp, all about this innocent kid who the cops framed for the murder of a girl who Will wrote about and fought for for years. He was vindicated on it just before Will died in 2017.

Our managing editor Pete Quinones and his partner Chris, who together produced The Monopoly on Violence documentary last year, are making a great new one about why to replace police with free market alternatives. The Institute is certain to be involved in the production of this film in some capacity in the coming year.

All of our great podcasters are doing better and better all the time too. That’s me, Pete Quinones, Kyle Anzalone, Keith Knight, Patrick McFarlane and Tommy Salmons.

Sign up for the whole line up here.

Thank you all very much for your support.

Demand total liberty. You might get to keep some.

Scott Horton


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