Yemen: A Chance for Meaningful Policy Change

The Yemen conflict will either serve as the point-of-no-return or the turning point for US foreign policy in the Middle East. Since 2001, US foreign policy has taken many schizophrenic twists and turns on its road to complete and total failure. In 2001, the US government invaded Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban government and eliminate “safe havens” for terrorism. Today, dozens of terrorist organizations operate throughout the country, with Taliban affiliates making several pushes into the city of Kunduz in 2016. Soldiers are still being killed by Taliban fighters 15 years later. After...

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Another Entangling Alliance

This is part three of our series on the Yemen conflict. If you haven’t read earlier articles, please click HERE for Part I and HERE for Part II.  The United States Post 9-11 Involvement in Yemen After the September 11th attacks on the world trade center, the USG’s involvement in the Republic of Yemen centered on counter terrorism (CT) operations targeting Sunni Violent Extremist Organizations. President Saleh largely cooperated with the United States in CT operations, visiting Washington numerous times to discuss strategy. In 2003, the USG renewed their support to Yemen through the United...

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Dynamics of the Houthi Insurgency

If you haven’t read Part I of the series, please click HERE. In this installment we will describe some of the key dynamics that allowed the Houthi insurgency to defeat the government of the ROY. Understanding this aspect of the recent history of Yemen is critical to evaluating the danger of becoming entangled in a very dangerous situation in a difficult to nearly impossible Counter-Insurgency (COIN) environment. Dynamics of the Houthi Insurgency Despite a reputation of being both poor and uneducated, the Houthi rebellion has done an excellent job of capitalizing on opportunities to increase...

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Republic of Yemen, Beginning to End

This is the first installment of the Heretics Mountain series on Yemen. For the introductory page, please click HERE The Formation of the Republic of Yemen Yemen is one of the oldest continuously occupied land masses in the world and has historically been a crossroads for international trade passing through the middle eastern region. The demographic make-up of Yemen is fairly straightforward with the majority of its inhabitants classified as Yemeni Arabs. Approximately 55% of the population is Sunni, while the remaining 45% are listed as Zaidi Shiia. The slight minority Zaidi population is...

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