The Odessa Shooting, Birthright Citizenship Controversy, Upcoming Dem Debates

It's weekly roundup time, so its time to talk about the Odessa - Midland shooting (and what we do and do not know), the CIS rule change for children of US servicepeople who are born abroad (it's not as bad as it seems but it's complicated!), and the upcoming slate of Democratic primary debates both DNC sanctioned and not

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The 1619 Project and Discussing Racism

Ah yes, the infamous 1619 Project. I have read a good chunk of it (even past the first two essays) and have some thoughts on it and the reactions to it and the topic of discussing racism in America. Spolier alert - there are some good pieces in there you just have to make it past the crappy ones and not all conversations about racism are bad

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Reaching Out To The Exhausted and Politically Homeless

In my quest to reach out to the politically homeless I made a response to Bridget Phetasy's piece on the topic with (hopefully) helpful suggestions as to how libertarians can reach out to the ever increasing  numbers of people leaving or being pushed out of their political parties Link to Bridget's piece -

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Jennifer Monroe

Jen puts out two podcast episodes weekly focusing on political and social commentary from a libertarian perspective. She yells at the news cycle a lot and does the occasional deep dive on certain pieces/topics. She lives on twitter, and can be found at @jenniferm_q


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