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Baghdadi Is Dead, Taylor Testifies, SCIF Siege, Hilary Is Still An Idiot

So apparently Baghdadi (founder and head of ISIS) is dead for real this time, the infamous Bill Taylor says the quid pro quo is real, Gaetz lead a siege of the SCIF, Hilary thinks Tulsi is a Russian asset, and we’re sending troops to eastern Syria because you know what is there

It’s been a long week y’all

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Revisiting – Outrage Mobs, What To Do When It’s You, and the YA Mess with Nancy Rommelmann

*Repromoting because I will be releasing a follow up episode*

So if you’ve been a listener of mine for some time you’ve heard Nancy’s story but if not now is a good time to listen (or refresh if you’ve heard this one before) because her story is kinda nuts and we sat down as she was still in the midst of it

Nancy’s Reason piece “A Guide to Surviving Your 15 Minutes of Hate” –


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